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United States Air Force Virtual Warfare Center , Nellis Air Force Base, NV

The United States Air Force Virtual Warfare Center in Nellis Air Force Base, NV broke ground Feb. 8, 2019.  The $38 million facility is scheduled to open in the summer of 2021.

This state of the art building features the latest technological advancements in construction materials , including eFlow-MAX High Capacity Constant Airflow Regulators which ensure automatically balanced airflow and high indoor air quality.

About eFlow-MAX High Capacity Constant Airflow Regulator 

eFlow-MAX is a field adjustable High Capacity Constant Airflow Regulator. It is designed to operate within Pressure Range: 0.2 to 4.0 in w.g. (50-1000Pa), automatically and precisely balance airflow into or out of a space without the need for electricity. Its design saves significant amount of energy, money and provides High Indoor Air Quality. This round damper provides pressure-independent maximum constant airflow in round duct systems without the use of electricity, sensors or controls. As pressure increases, the blade moves to keep airflow stable over a wide pressure range. eFlow-MAX has an external mechanism that can be used to adjust airflow manually, and with ease, using an allen wrench (2mm). eFlow-MAX can be easily installed inside standard ductwork. Mounting may be horizontal or vertical. eFlow-MAX features laser-welded, heavy galvanized steel body, plastic airflow control and an airtight seal to ensure no-leak fit. eFlow-MAX is maintenance free and corrosion-proof under normal conditions.


  • Diameters offered: 3”, 4″, 5”, 6”, 8″, 10″, 12”, 14”, 16″
  • Operating Pressure Range: 0.2 to 4.0 in w.g. (50-1000Pa)
  • Airflow settings: 15-2335 CFM 
  • Temperature Limits: -22° to 212°F (-30° to 100°C)
  • Suitable for both supply and exhaust applications
  • No external power supply needed
  • Field Adjustable CFM setpoint
  • Capable of maintaining constant airflow within + 10% for nominal airflow > 60CFM (100 m3/h) and + 5 CFM (10 m3/h) for nominal airflow < 60 CFM. (100 m3/h) throughout the target operating pressure range of 0.2 to 4.0 in.w.g. (50 to 1000 Pa).
  • Energy efficient
  • Laser-welded, heavy galvanized steel body, plastic airflow control and airtightness seal to ensure no-leak fit
  • Maintenance free and corrosion-proof under normal conditions


About Air Force Virtual Warfare Center 

According to U.S. Air Force, The Virtual Warfare Center located at Nellis Air Force Base  will enable full-spectrum readiness through next-generation battle-space environments. The Virtual Test and Training Center will provide a crucial capability for today’s war-fighters to experience, train and dominate today’s threats, across multiple domains through a combination of live, virtual and constructive environments. 


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equal to Aldes MR MAX





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