About Us

eFlow USA

The eFlow USA is the premier direct distributor of CONSTANT AIRFLOW REGULATORS for homes, multi-family dwellings, hotels, schools and ALL commercial applications.

We provides Economical-Efficient-Easy Flow of our product directly to you. If you require Constant Airflow Regulation in the heating and ventilation of your building, eFlow USA has all that you need. Our Constant Airflow regulators are available throughout United States, North America and we ship Worldwide. Our unbeatable / affordable prices, easy online ordering process and time efficient delivery will ensure your commercial and residential buildings have efficient airflow systems, good air quality and meet the latest mechanical code requirements. All eFlow USA products come with a 6 year warranty so that you can rest assured that our Constant Airflow Regulators and other products offer the best solution at the best price.


1-833-FLOW-USA or 1-833-356-9872