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Waterside Square North, Jersey City, NJ

Waterside Square North, located at 55 River Drive South in Jersey City, is an impressive project that has recently undergone a retrofit updates. This luxury apartment building stands tall with 22 floors and accommodates 308 units, offering residents a truly upscale living experience. The retrofit of Waterside Square North was completed in 2023, transforming it into a state-of-the-art residential complex.

During the retrofit, eFlow-Constant Airflow Regulators (CARs) were installed throughout the building, providing automatic airflow balancing and numerous benefits. The installation included 5″ CARs with standard pressure on the upper floors, while the lower floors were equipped with 5″ low-pressure CARs. This strategic use of eFlow CARs ensures optimal airflow regulation throughout the entire building, contributing to both energy savings and high indoor air quality.

The eFlow-Constant Airflow Regulators are renowned for their ability to automatically balance airflow in HVAC systems. By precisely controlling the airflow in each apartment, these regulators help maintain consistent air distribution, regardless of external factors or individual tenant preferences. This not only enhances the comfort of residents but also eliminates the need for manual adjustments, saving time and effort for both residents and building management.

Furthermore, eFlow CARs play a pivotal role in energy efficiency. By ensuring balanced airflow, the HVAC system operates at its peak performance, reducing energy consumption. This leads to significant cost savings on energy bills for both the building owners and residents, making Waterside Square North an environmentally friendly choice.

In addition to energy savings, eFlow CARs contribute to maintaining high indoor air quality. The constant airflow regulation prevents stagnant air and promotes proper ventilation, reducing the risk of indoor air pollutants, such as allergens and volatile organic compounds. The result is a healthier living environment for the residents, fostering their well-being and overall satisfaction.

The successful implementation of eFlow CARs at Waterside Square North was made possible through collaboration with RSI Remediation Specialists Inc. (RSI), a trusted provider. eFlow worked directly with RSI, ensuring seamless installation and optimal performance of the regulators.

By integrating eFlow-Constant Airflow Regulators into the HVAC system, Waterside Square North demonstrates a forward-thinking approach towards achieving automatic airflow balancing, energy savings, high indoor air quality, and energy efficiency. This remarkable project sets a benchmark for future developments in the industry, inspiring others to prioritize the well-being of occupants while optimizing energy consumption.


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eFlow-CAR is a simple solution to balancing ventilation systems. Constant Airflow Regulator is a device that automatically regulates airflows in ventilation systems to constant levels. The passive control element responds to duct pressure, and requires no electric sensors, pneumatic sensors or controls. eFlow-CARs promote high indoor air quality and energy savings.

  • UL 2043 Classified
  • Composed of fire resistant UL 94 ABS plastic
  • Diameters offered: 3”, 4″, 5”, 6”, 8″, 10″
  • Operating Pressure Range: 0.08 to 2.4 in w.g. (20-600Pa)
  • Airflow settings: 15-765 CFM
  • Temperature Limits: -22° to 140°F (-30° to 60°C)
  • Suitable for both supply and exhaust applications
  • No external power supply needed
  • Field Adjustable CFM set point
  • Capable of maintaining constant airflow within +- 5% for nominal airflow throughout the target operating pressure range of 0.08 to 2.4 in.
  • Standard for Energy Efficient Compliance



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