The Gilbert On First, 1912 First Avenue, NYC

The Gilbert On First, 1912 First Avenue, NYC

eFlow- CAR’s (Constant Airflow Regulator’s) were successfully installed at 1912 First Avenue, NYC. This brand new East Harlem building rises 16 stories and contains just over 150 mix-income apartments. 

Installation of eFlow-CARs in multi-family buildings such as apartments, allows for the most economical, efficient way to automatically balance ventilation systems. Unlike other products on the market, our CARs’ flexibility of CFM adjustment in the field, simple installation, lack of need for electricity and highly efficient performance, make them the most ideal choice for non- powered Airflow Controls in the HVAC industry today.

eFlow USA is proud to be a direct wholesale supplier of Constant Airflow Regulators.

Visit for more information, pricing and to place your order on-line.

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