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The Caravelle, 445 East 86th Street, NYC

eFlow-Constant Airflow Regulators were installed at 445 East 86th Street to successfully mitigate the classic Stack Effect experienced by the tenants. 

As outside temperatures dropped, the building’s common areas experienced extremely cold temperatures due to cold draughts infiltrating the lower floors, while the top floor’s common areas experienced uncomfortable higher temperatures.  Additionally, cooking odors continuously migrated throughout the building. 

These problems were due to the phenomenon known as stack effect, which occurs in buildings when the outside air temperature is significantly different from the air temperature inside the building.

eFlow-Constant Airflow Regulators automatically balance ventilation systems, mitigate Stack Effect, promote energy savings and provide better indoor air quality. 

445 East 86th Street was built in 1961. The Caravelle consists of 16 floors, made up of 153 apartments. Located on New York’s Upper East Side neighborhood, features of this building include a Roof Deck, Laundry Room, Garden, Garage, Courtyard,Bicycle Room.


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