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eFlow-Constant Airflow Regulators Case Study yields impressive results!

eFlow-Constant Airflow Regulators were installed in two buildings located at 265 and 275 Cherry Street , NYC . A Case study conducted by En-Power Group concluded that ventilation system upgrades, including the installation of 1,350 eFlow-Constant Airflow Regulators (CARs) in 490 units, not only  improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) but also increased resident comfort and resulted in energy savings.

Highlights and issues resolved with the installation of eFlow Constant Airflow Regulators included:

*Overall improved Indoor Air quality in the building

*Elimination of spreading of odors between apartments

*Exhaust rates were automatically balanced to meet code requirements : 25 CFM in the bathrooms and 40 CFM in the kitchens

*Energy savings

*The overhaul (inclusive of government incentives for air quality upgrades) is expected to pay for itself in 2.4 years 

To learn more about this case study please visit https://enpg.com/team/ventilation-system-upgrade-improves-indoor-air-quality-iaq-and-resident-comfort-while-saving-energy-and-carbon-emissions/

For product Information please visit eFlowUSA.net or email [email protected]

eFlow-CAR Case Study by En-Power Group



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