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Introducing eFlow-Alize Constant Airflow Regulator (2 in 1 CAR and Grille)!

We are expanding our product line!

Introducing eFlow-Alize Constant Airflow Regulator ( 2 in 1 CAR and Grille)! eFlow-Alize is a 2 in 1 Constant Airflow Regulator (CAR) and Grille combo. This is a new generation of self adjusting CARs which provides the perfect match between high technical performance and aesthetic design. This innovative technology offers two models: single airflow and dual airflow. eFlow-Alize CAR is factory set Constant Airflow Regulator designed to save energy by precisely controlling airflow regardless of static pressure, and all along providing high Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). These CARs are designed to operate is pressure range 0.2” w.c. to 0.6” w.c. They automatically adjust for variable duct pressure caused by building pressure, thermal stack effect and other variable factors. This Constant Airflow Regulator creates cost effective answer to balancing air systems for HVAC and ventilation in high rise buildings, without the requirement of on-site balancing, electric controls or sensors.

Key Features:

● 2 in 1 CAR and Grille design

● 5” diameter

● 2 flow options: single airflow and dual airflow

● Exhaust Application

● Pressure range 0.2” w.c. to 0.6” w.c.

● Factory calibrated

● Automatic airflow balancing

● Energy cost efficient

● Easy installation

● Easy to remove

● Easy to clean

● Washable

● No electricity required

● No sensors

● Low noise performance

● Reliable

● Precise


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