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eFlow USA and American Aldes
Constant Airflow Regulator Product Comparison

eFlow-CAR is the next generation Constant Airflow Regulator.
Designed by the same engineers, who 20 years earlier developed the Aldes-CAR, the eFlow-CAR is more efficient,
simpler to use, more precise, more reliable and more affordable.

eFlowUSA Constant Airflow Regulator Direct Supplier

Product Comparisson Aldes-CAR eFlow-CAR
Year Developed 1993 2013
Invented by Lauren and Christian Barbarin
Self-Regulating airflow-regulators for commercial and residential buildings
Low-Cost Solution for balancing ventilation systems
Classified UL R38307/UL-2043 for heat release rate and smoke optical density
Energy and Cost Efficient
No Electricity Required
Mitigates Stack Effect
Factory Calibrated
Bi-Directional enabling Supply and Exhaust Applications
Available 3" CAR (10-30 CFM Adjustable Airflow Setting) wtih special metal sleeve (casting) for easy installation and access
Available: 3"CAR(10-30 CEM) 4"CAR(30-60 CEM) 5"CAR(60-105 CEM) 6"CAR(105-175 CEM) 8"CAR(175-295 CEM) 10"CAR(265-470 CEM) Screw-Adjustable Airflow Setting
CAR Face printed reference points to indicate: Low Pressure (.08-.4w.c./20-100 Pa) Standard Pressure (.2-1 w.c./50-250 Pa) High Pressure (.6-2.4 w.c./150-600 Pa)
Allows for up to 20 Field-Adjustable CFM setpoints
CFM (CMH) Numeric Value Reference points clearly visible on face of the device
Requires removable (easy to misplace) and unmarked Aero-Clips to adjust CFM setpoin
Tamper Proof Screw on the face of device used to adjust CFM setpoint
Device includes loose parts
Precise CFM setpoint
Accessible and Adjustable through grill
East to Install and Adjust
Competitively Priced
Requires no maintenance under normal conditions
Easy Online Ordering
In Stock-Ships next business day
Dedicated Technical Support Available 7 days a week
Available Warranty 5 Years 6 Years

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Guaranteed for 6 years, from date of shipment, against all defects, provided material has been installed and used under normal conditions.