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eFlow USA Spearheads Sustainable Airflow Management in Retrofitted Chicago Senior Apartments

Built in 1971 and towering at eight floors, the Edwin C. Berry Manor Apartments in Chicago, IL, is a distinguished senior 202, Section 8 community comprising 57 apartments and spanning a significant square footage. Recently, this iconic structure underwent a remarkable retrofit project, led by The NHP Foundation, an esteemed affordable housing nonprofit.

eFlow USA, a leading provider of innovative airflow solutions, took part of this   transformative endeavor by supplying the cutting-edge eFlow-Constant Airflow Regulators (CARs). With a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, the installation of eFlow CARs 4″, set to 25 CFM, was strategically carried out in all exhaust applications, ensuring automatic and balanced ventilation throughout the facility.

The integration of eFlow CARs has brought numerous benefits to the Edwin C. Berry Manor Apartments. By optimizing airflow, these state-of-the-art regulators enable energy savings, significantly reducing the building’s carbon footprint. The reduction in energy consumption not only translates to cost savings but also aligns with the growing demand for environmentally conscious practices in affordable housing projects.

Moreover, the eFlow CARs actively contribute to the promotion of high indoor air quality, fostering a healthier and more comfortable living environment for the senior residents. Stagnant air and airborne contaminants are minimized, supporting the well-being and respiratory health of the occupants.

As a result of the collaboration between eFlow USA and the esteemed product representative, Hatchell & Associates, the integration of CARs into the preexisting HVAC system was seamless and highly successful. The achievement of automatic airflow balancing ensures that each apartment receives the appropriate ventilation without the need for manual adjustments, enhancing overall system efficiency.

In line with The NHP Foundation’s commitment to sustainability and energy-efficient housing solutions, the Edwin C. Berry Manor Apartments retrofit project showcases the power of eFlow-CARs in reducing energy consumption and promoting environmental responsibility. By implementing these cutting-edge airflow regulators, the community sets a new standard for retrofit projects in the affordable housing sector, leading the way toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

eFlow USA takes immense pride in being part of this initiative that positively impacts the lives of senior residents while prioritizing sustainability and energy conservation. As we continue to innovate and collaborate with industry leaders, we remain dedicated to advancing technology and contributing to the transformation of affordable housing communities across the nation.


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eFlow-CAR is a simple solution to balancing ventilation systems. Constant Airflow Regulator is a device that automatically regulates airflows in ventilation systems to constant levels. The passive control element responds to duct pressure, and requires no electric sensors, pneumatic sensors or controls. eFlow-CARs promote high indoor air quality and energy savings.

  • UL 2043 Classified
  • Composed of fire resistant UL 94 ABS plastic
  • Diameters offered: 3”, 4″, 5”, 6”, 8″, 10″
  • Operating Pressure Range: 0.08 to 2.4 in w.g. (20-600Pa)
  • Airflow settings: 15-765 CFM
  • Temperature Limits: -22° to 140°F (-30° to 60°C)
  • Suitable for both supply and exhaust applications
  • No external power supply needed
  • Field Adjustable CFM set point
  • Capable of maintaining constant airflow within +- 5% for nominal airflow throughout the target operating pressure range of 0.08 to 2.4 in.
  • Standard for Energy Efficient Compliance







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