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515 West 36Th street, NYC

NYC’s 515 West 36Th street New Skyscraper features eFlow-Constant Airflow Regulators!

Developed by Lalezarian Properties and designed by  Ismael Leyva Architects, 515 West 36th Street currently graces the New York City skyline. This building reaches 418 feet into the air and spans nearly 250,000 square feet. It holds 251 apartments spread across 198,000 square feet of residential space. Twenty percent of the units, or 50 apartments, will rent for below-market rates through an affordable housing lottery. 

eFlow-Constant Airflow Regulators  were installed at 515 West 36Th street for improved ventilation system performance.  We at eFlow are proud to contribute to the building’s requirements for improved energy efficiency and healthy ventilation needs.  eFlow CARs provide high indoor air quality and automatic airflow balancing at 515 West 36th street along with other buildings in the metropolitan area that utilize eFlow CARS. eFlow-CARs are the preferred ventilation products for multi-family buildings such as apartments and condos across North America. Our CARs’ simple installation, flexibility of CFM adjustment in the field, lack of need for electricity and highly efficient performance, make them the most ideal choice for non- powered Airflow Controls in the HVAC industry today.

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515 West 36Th street, NYC


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