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1932 Bryant Avenue, Bronx, New York

The 15-story affordable housing development at 1932 Bryant Avenue, in The Bronx’s West Farms neighborhood will feature eFlow-Constant Airflow Regulators. West Farms is expected to welcome residents by 2020, and will comprise over 314,000 square feet of total space with 319 rent-stabilized, affordable apartments, 12,000 square feet of retail, and a 9,000-square-foot community facility. Residential amenity spaces will include co-working space,bike storage, and a landscaped courtyard. With energy costs soaring, everyone is looking for effective ways to save energy. By installing [...]


112 St. Edwards Street, Fort Greene

eFlow-Constant Airflow Regulators (eFlow-CARs) will be a part of the ventilation system at 112 St. Edwards Street. These devices automatically regulate and balance airflow to constant levels. eFlow-CAR does not require electricity, sensors or controls. The eFlow-CAR compensates for changes in duct pressure caused by thermal stack effect and provides a low-cost solution to balancing forced-air systems, eliminating the need for on-site balancing. eFlow-CAR promotes energy savings and ensures high indoor air quality for human occupancy.  BFC Partners has partnered with [...]


10 Schroeders Walk, Brooklyn, NY

10 Schroeders Walk will feature eFlow-Constant Airflow Regulators (CARs)! 10 Schroeders Walk is a 164,429 square foot mixed-use building in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn. This Seven-Story, 200-Unit Affordable Building is being built as part of the eight-building, 1,169-unit affordable mega-development known as The Fountains. eFlow-Constant Airflow regulator is a preferred ventilation product, as it provides automatically balanced ventilation, delivers energy saving, and creates a healthier indoor air quality environment. For more information about eFlow-CAR, please email         Superior to American [...]