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1911 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

eFlow-CARs: Enhancing Sustainability at 1911 Atlantic Avenue Building in Brooklyn, NY

The 1911 Atlantic Avenue building, a 14-story mixed-use structure features the innovative capabilities of eFlow-Constant Airflow Regulator. This cutting-edge product is set to transform the way residents experience ventilation and energy efficiency.

Constructed through the collaborative efforts of the New York City Housing Development Corporation (HDC) and the New York City Department of Housing and Preservation and Development (HPD), the 1911 Atlantic Avenue building represents a significant milestone in the city’s commitment to providing affordable housing. Under the auspices of the Extremely Low and Low-Income Affordability (ELLA) program, the building offers 199 affordable apartments, catering to a wide range of households comprising one to seven individuals.

One of the standout features of this development is the integration of green technologies and sustainable practices. The building boasts an efficient HVAC system that aligns with environmentally conscious principles. This is where eFlow-CARs comes into play, offering an innovative solution to optimize airflow regulation and enhance energy efficiency.

To ensure the highest standards of indoor air quality and comfort, eFlow-CARs at 30 and 50 CFM were installed in every apartment’s bathroom and kitchen exhaust systems. By maintaining a constant airflow rate, regardless of external factors, such as pressure changes or system resistance, eFlow-CARs ensures that each apartment receives the appropriate amount of fresh air while effectively removing stale air. This creates a healthier and more comfortable living environment for the residents.

eFlow-CARS not only improves the living conditions for residents but also aligns with the building’s overall sustainability goals. By maintaining a constant airflow, the system reduces energy consumption by minimizing fan power requirements and optimizing the performance of HVAC equipment. This energy-saving capability contributes to the overall environmental footprint of the building, making it a more eco-friendly and sustainable living space.

By providing a constant airflow and integrating seamlessly with green technologies, eFlow-CARS is poised to make a lasting impact on the way ventilation systems are designed and implemented in affordable housing developments. With the success of this project, it is hoped that the use of eFlow-CARs will become a standard practice in the construction of future residential buildings, promoting sustainability, energy efficiency, and improved living conditions for all.

The project’s architect of record, David Gross of GF55 Partners, envisioned the 1911 Atlantic Avenue building as a model for affordable housing that integrates advanced technologies without compromising on comfort or sustainability. Monadnock Construction, Inc., the builder was responsible for the development and construction. eFlow worked directly with Aircraft Air Conditioning to supply eFlow products for this project.

Installation of eFlow-CAR was undertaken by Aircraft Air Conditioning.


eFlow-CAR is a simple solution to balancing ventilation systems. Constant Airflow Regulator is a device that automatically regulates airflows in ventilation systems to constant levels. The passive control element responds to duct pressure, and requires no electric sensors, pneumatic sensors or controls. eFlow-CARs promote high indoor air quality and energy savings.

  • UL 2043 Classified
  • Composed of fire resistant UL 94 ABS plastic
  • Diameters offered: 3”, 4″, 5”, 6”, 8″, 10″
  • Operating Pressure Range: 0.08 to 2.4 in w.g. (20-600Pa)
  • Airflow settings: 15-765 CFM
  • Temperature Limits: -22° to 140°F (-30° to 60°C)
  • Suitable for both supply and exhaust applications
  • No external power supply needed
  • Field Adjustable CFM set point
  • Capable of maintaining constant airflow within +- 5% for nominal airflow throughout the target operating pressure range of 0.08 to 2.4 in.
  • Standard for Energy Efficient Compliance


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