Constant Airflow Regulator 3″

Constant Airflow Regulator 3″


Constant Airflow Regulator for Standard Pressure (0.2” w.c.-1.0” w.c.) applications.

Filed Adjustable Air Flow Range: 10-30 CFM


*** eFlow USA proudly offers the smallest (3”) Constant Airflow regulator on the market. Available with special casing for easy access-only from eFlow USA



● UL Classified
● Standard for Energy Efficient Compliance
● Energy Cost Efficient
● Adjustable
● No Specialty Tools
● No Electricity Required
● No Sensors
● Bi-Directional
● Reliable
● Precise
● Easy Installation
● Mitigates Stack Effect
● Factory Calibrated
● Soft Pliable Edge Seal
● CFM setpoint is adjusted through grill
● Promotes labor savings because of easy accessibility

● Energy Efficiency Programs
● Subsidized Housing Projects
● Government Facilities
● Military facilities
● Submarines, Cruise Lines/Marine
● Healthcare
● High Rises
● Commercial Buildings
● Residential Buildings
● Multi-Family Condos/Apartments
● Assisted Living Facilities
● Hospitality/Hotels
● Dormitories and Schools Buildings
● Office buildings
● Bathroom exhaust
● Controlling airflow to obstructed crawlspaces
● Balancing airflow supply from roof-top A/C units
● Balancing supply and exhaust of heat recovery ventilation systems
● Regulating outdoor air-supply into individual room fan coil units or heat pumps
● Balancing airflow on series-fan-powered terminal unit system


Guaranteed for 6 years, from date of shipment, against all defects in material, provided material has been installed and used under normal conditions.

Technical Data Download

Constant Airflow Regulator Submittal Data Sheet

Constant Airflow Regulator Installation And Maintenance Instructions

Constant Airflow Regulator Design Data

eFlow-CAR and Aldes-CAR Comparison Chart